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Kitchen  Island  Design - Hiasan Dalaman Kabinet  Dapur


The most regular shape available is the rectangle design, allowing chopping and cooking on one side and eating on the other. Custom kitchen islands means that you can have one made to whatever size and shape fits your kitchen and your families needs and lifestyle.

Open concept kitchen interior design - Hiasan Dapur Terbuka

Hiasan  Dapur  Terbuka

Concept  English  Style

L-Shape  Kitchen  Design with red colour, its so nice!!!

Modern  Kitchen  Interior  Design

This kitchen, along with its adjacent spaces, are the end result of uncovering multiple layers of previous cumbersome and complicated remodels, and tying the entire house together through a common theme of material use and color scheme. The newly created interiors is truly a diamond in the rough - an oasis of modern design within the context of modest builder-style houses in North Boulder. The kitchen’s main feature, the island, immediately invites both homeowner and guest to be engaged in the space, providing a flexible gathering point that can be both formal and informal and is a functional work space for cooking preparation. The island is simple in form, and its drama and relationship to the open space is emphasized by its thick 12cm turned-down countertop and rectalinear shape.

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  1. Such lovely kitchens. Very homey and yet so elegant.